Catholic Homilies

We must all try to be preachers through our deeds.
        – St. Teresa of Avila



sacred scripture

Proclaiming the Word of the Lord

“The Church is the bearer of Christ’s word to the world down through the ages until the Lord returns. This is why in her sacraments, in her authoritative teaching, in her liturgy, and in the lives of her saints, the Church proclaims the word first entrusted to the Apostles with transformative power. One of the most significant ways in which the Church as the Body of Christ proclaims the dynamic word

of God is through the preaching of her ordained ministers, particularly in the context of the Sunday Eucharist. Preaching is nothing less than a participation in the dynamic power of the apostolic witness to the very Word that created the world, the Word that was given to the prophets and teachers of Israel, and the Word that became flesh.” – USCCB: Preaching the Mystery of Faith

Sunday Homilies

It is no use walking somewhere to preach unless our walking is our preaching. – St. Francis of Assisi


weekday homilies

The Holy Scriptures are our letters from home. – St. Augustine


video homilies

People will remember the faith you had, not the words you preached. – Cardinal Francis George


– Saint Jerome

“Ignorance of Scripture is Ignorance of Christ”

Jerome, also known as Jerome of Stridon, was a Christian priest, confessor, theologian, and historian; he is commonly known as Saint Jerome. He is best known for his translation of the Bible into Latin and his commentaries on the whole Bible.

– orally “by the apostles who handed on, by the spoken word of their preaching, by the example they gave, by the institutions they established, what they themselves had received – whether from the lips of Christ, from his way of life and his works, or whether they had learned it at the prompting of the Holy Spirit”

Catechism of the Catholic Church


Apostolic Preaching

The Gospel was handed on in two ways . . .

– in writing “by those apostles and other men associated with the apostles who, under the inspiration of the same Holy Spirit, committed
the message of salvation to writing”

Catechism of the Catholic Church


The Church “forcefully and specifically exhorts all the Christian faithful. . . to learn the surpassing knowledge of Jesus Christ, by frequent reading
of the divine Scriptures.
Ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ.

Catechism of the Catholic Church


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God is Able

Full of events that will inspire priests and laypeople alike, God Is Able will encourage all to trust God and step up when guided by His nudging. This book tells of how God things happen almost every day if we remain in Him, listen to His promptings, and have the courage to proceed.

This is a narrative from a humble Irish priest in America using examples from the early calling into the priesthood through his first few parishes and while at Blessed Trinity in Florida, where he has served for thirty-five years. It includes recounts of a dynamic and diverse career of prison ministry, campus ministry, helping relocate refugees, keeping contact with Irish Travellers, and many helpful points from a life of priesthood.

Among the stories in God Is Able is of the amazing growth of a small parish school in Ocala, Florida, due to the spiritual concept of living the Stewardship Way of Life. The enrollment increase was more than doubled during a time when Catholic schools faced shutdowns all around the country.

Another astounding result of this parish commitment to the Stewardship Way of Life has been a monstrous outreach to Nalweyo, Uganda. The continual commitment to this area has led to thirty-two village churches, twenty-two schools, an orphanage, a medical clinic, and more! The amazing thing is, this parish is located in one of the less affluent counties in the state of Florida.

Journeying through these stories, the reader will be convinced that God is calling him to be His mouthpiece. This book should be uplifting and inspiring to all who read it.